Who is FP

FP Markets is an Australian based, ASIC regulated broker. We provide execution services to clients across the globe in equity CFDs, Indexes/futures as well as commodities. This is done primarily through the MT4, MT5 and IRESS trading platforms.

Why become
an FP Markets

Becoming a partner allows you to benefit from the massive growth in FX trading volumes around the world. By introducing clients to FP Markets you will share in the profit they generate and receive ongoing payments as your referrals trade. With our highly competitive payment structures, comprehensive IB portal and the strength of our regulation and reputation in the financial services industry, with FP Markets you are partnering with a business you can trust.

Are there any
fees to join?

No joining fees.

Do you provide
any support?

Yes we provide support in many forms. For our Partners we provide access to a dedicated account manager to help with your the initial onboarding and to answer any questions about our partners offering or any other part of the business. Our IB portal assists with ongoing management of your business. In the portal you can keep track of your referral and their funding deposits and trading activity in real time. We also have 24 hours online and phone support shared between our Sydney and Cyrpus office.

How do I sign-up?

Enter your details into the form at the bottom of this page and and FP Markets account manager will be in touch asap.

Where are the

Marketing Material available in Affiliate and IB portals.

How does Tracking link work?

You will be issued your own unique tracking links to provide your clients or post on your website, as soon as the client reaches our website we track based on IP address until they complete a registration.

Can I add my real
trading account or
my relatives under
my Affiliate link?

Yes, you can refer people you know as well.

Can I receive a notification when I have a conversion?


Do you have any reporting tools available?

Yes, IB and Affiliate Portals.

What are the

Rebates (Dollars or Pips), CPA.

How do Affiliate payments work?

A CPA payment is accrued when you refer a customer that become a qualified client. A qualified client has funded and traded the minimum trade volume.

When are IB
rebates paid?

Rebates are paid as soon as the client trade is closed.

How should I
FP Markets?

You should promote FP Markets with the Marketing material that has been provided. If you would like to create your own contact please contact your account manager for approval.

Are there any
methods I should

Affiliate and IBs should only use approved material and stick to factual information about FP Markets. An Affiliate/IB must not present yourself as a representative of the business.

Are there any

Yes. Some countries are restricted.

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